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The IR4G Ladies Competitive Racing Team 

The IR4G Ladies Racing Team is a close-knit group of ladies from all walks of life.  We are not just a competitive team, we are family of runners who support and encourage each other to reach our potential through focused physical, mental and spiritual training.   

We are one of the world's top women's team in fact, most of our ladies have participated in the Olympics, World Games, and/or Military Olympics. We hope to continue to do our best and support and develop other top female runners.  Our certified coaches help the team and individuals set goals and then meet them through consistent and structured training. 

Organized, coached IR4G training sessions consist of intervals and tempo workouts on the track or in a desginated area in or near Ellicott City, MD. Long . Our training plan is designed to meet the season’s goals and objectives.

We’re not just about mastering the distance and running fast. We’re also about developing all levels of runners physically, mentally and spiritually. Because our women are in the top 1-5 positions at most races, we are aware that we need to set the example for others to follow.  Therefore, we make an extra effort to give back to our sport.  We coordinate several ommunity service activity before, during or after a major race.  

We are grateful and honored for the generosity of our sponsors.   In return, we know they enjoy the benefit of having their name associated with one of the world's fastest women's international racing teams.

Army Ten Miler 2011 (IR4G Ladies earned overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places (56:00 all under 57 minutes!)